For Private Users

Hulbee is an innovative technology inventor!
We have something for everyone, whether children, adults or seniors!

Data-safe search engine Swisscows - the safe Google alternative, where you are safe from surveillance! Nothing about you is stored! At Swisscows you are completely anonymous!


For Business Users

Hulbee offers innovative technologies for all company sizes, whether StartUp, SME or Enterprise customers!

We have been developing search technologies for many years and are well known in the market. Through our Hulbee Enterprise Search you can find all relevant information quickly and safely.


Digital media education

The digital world is changing so fast that many cannot follow. Where are possible dangers? How do we protect children, adolescents or ourselves?

More often and at an increasingly early age children and adolescents use the great diversity of the media. It is imperative that parents accompany their children growing up with digital media right from the start.


For Press

As a leading and innovative IT company, we transform the future and inspire our customers.

If you are an editor from the press or just interested in our news, you are welcome! Here we would like to inform you about our important news.