Hulbee Vision

Hulbee AG is a technology company with values and highly innovative technologies! Our goal is to treat everyone with respect and to help with everyday life through our products and technologies.

All of our technologies and products based on them should help people to work with information in everyday life without being monitored.


  • Always being the best in the competition.
  • Leader in innovation, quality and value.
  • Products should have an excellent price-performance ratio.
  • Provide long-term leading returns to our shareholders.

Implementation: through constant market analysis, self-criticism and diligence.

Only by fulfilling them do we achieve the economic efficiency, the reputation and the success of Hulbee AG.

Our employees internalize these values, contribute to the sustainability of Hulbee AG and thereby develop new ideas and out of personal drive take over the responsibility in their respective areas.

Our actions at Hulbee are based on values that, in addition to being future-oriented and result-oriented, emphasize responsibility towards our customers, shareholders, partners, employees and society.

" We firmly believe that any type of information and data, private, governmental or corporate, belongs to its owners!

Our vision is to ensure this security with all technologies, products and projects - data belongs to the owner and to nobody else! "

Andreas Wiebe
Hulbee AG