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    Hulbee AG is one of the world's leading document search and analysis companies! Data of a company are important resources for the employees, which unfortunately are unreachable in the growing flood of information and thus lost! According to analyzes, an employee searches about 36 minutes per day for information (documents, e-mails, etc.)! This is lost time and money for the company, because the information already exists!

    With the help of Hulbee Enterprise Search Software, you can finally find the lost information and save money for your business!

    Finds. Safely. Everything. – That's our good news for you!
    Our world-leading enterprise search brings lost information back! Over the years, information has accumulated as knowledge in your company, but you cannot use it because this information cannot be found! With Hulbee Enterprise Search, all information, whether on the intranet or the Internet, can be found in any file structure or in archives. Numerous connectors ensure that you can find your valuable information even in the most popular software applications such as SharePoint, Exchange, Dropbox and many more!

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