" Our actions at Hulbee are based on values that, in addition to being future-oriented and result-oriented, emphasize responsibility towards our customers, shareholders, partners, employees and society.

    We believe in the strong trust of investors and the creation of a long-term enterprise value. Thus, we can continue to deliver technology innovation to our customers. "

    Andreas Wiebe

    Why Hulbee

    Hulbee is innovative, competent and down to earth.

    Hulbee AG is a state-of-the-art Swiss technology company and is already known in all relevant media (press and TV).

    Hulbee AG focuses on the needs of enterprise and private users.

    Hulbee AG is an expert in areas of information analysis and search. The company has been researching for over 17 years in the areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Semantic Analysis and Business Intelligence (BI).

    In the enterprise market Hulbee AG offers the enterprise search engine for enterprises of all sizes from small businesses to industrial enterprises. More about the Enterprise Search here: www.hesbox.com.

    For private users, Hulbee AG offers the data-safe search engine: Swisscows. The search engine provide 100% guaranteed user protection and are not monitored and no data is stored. As management attaches great importance to users under the age of 18, pornography and violence are not offered. The search engine Swisscows is already one of the nation's most innovative projects in Switzerland.

    Hulbee AG also offers the e-commerce project www.kauftipp.ch. It is a Swiss price comparison portal and is already market leader number two in Switzerland.

    Based on complex search technologies, Hulbee AG also develops solutions for information analysis and display that are specifically geared to business customers. Through the close link between science, research and user-friendliness in the Hulbee software, Hulbee AG succeeds in introducing customers to the progress of global know-how access. In the future, we will be linking our software even more intensively with the further development of Enterprise Intelligence and Business Intelligence in various fields of research.