Hulbee DataCloud 

    DataCloud is the latest product for company-wide searches and presents results with attractive visualization!

    The world is moving beyond the information age towards an age of automatic knowledge generation. For all kinds of private and corporate data, extracting information about each topic increasingly means access to many forms of recorded digital data such as emails, scanned documents, e-books, photos, films, voice recordings right through to eCommerce metadata. The unstructured information, which is recorded in relational databases, continues to grow and is easily workable. However, the requirements towards systems, which are most frequently not met, are in confrontation with unstructured information. This happens in such a way that the systems would have to emulate the functions of the human brain at a high degree. These new requirements towards systems mean that automation must support us in the shaping of knowledge itself.

    As part of total globalization and the endless growth of information, companies are facing enormous demands in their IT areas. They need intelligent and innovative tools which must not be too complicated or expensive, and which need to be integrated into the available hardware and software. If you are tackling such problems or are exploring new directions in IT, you have come to the right place.

    With the Hulbee DataCloud, any type of existing information such as documents, emails, web-based information and archives can be linked together to form a semantic data cloud. This applies to both structured and unstructured data. The DataCloud has its own, state-of-the-art crawler and includes major features: indexation, text analysis, classification and visualization.