Text analysis

    For years, Hulbee AG has been researching in the field of information analysis, using many advanced technologies!

    These technologies are already in use in many companies and help to process information. Our technologies are capable of summarizing the essentials of texts, e-mails, documents, etc. with the help of semantic technologies, statistics, artificial intelligence etc. within seconds! Most important terms are extracted automatically in the context and summarized to essential information.

    At first glance, see what's right: Our technology analyzes web content and text documents and summarizes them. This makes information easier to process - you save time and work more effectively!

    The flood of information reduced to the essentials: Our technology works like a human - and skim reads. The technology is based on artificial intelligence and is able to ignore unimportant information. It summarizes the information accordingly.

    Analyze multilingual documents: Our technology recognizes the language in which a text is available and also summarizes multilingual documents and information. Currently, our technology analyzes over 33 languages.

    As a company, you can experience more technology: For companies, we offer our technology for integration into your own infrastructure or in your own software projects. Our technology supports almost all text formats, web environment, archives, emails and even image formats.

    This technology can also be integrated into the existing software, we offer an SDK.